The combination of integrative counselling and psychotherapy

No two people are the same and neither is their illness. This conjunctive therapy is a whole person approach that is centered on and tailored and agreed to the individual’s needs. It blends talking therapies with empathy, understanding and pastoral care to provide a unique service for every client.

Theoretical approach

This approach stresses the importance of the unconscious and past experience in determining current behaviour. The client is encouraged to talk about relationships with significant people in the clients life as a means of discovering their relevance to what is happening now.

Can this therapy help you?

This approach to therapy can help in understanding the symptoms of a wide range of presenting issue, including:

· Symptoms of anger or anxiety 
· Life changes & challenges
· Eating and compulsive disorders
· Redundancy / career development
· Relationship issues
· Low self esteem and lack of confidence
· Depression
· Recovery from illness
· Bereavement and loss
· Personal and spiritual development
· Chronic fatigue
· M.E.

Your therapy sessions could involve one or more of the following but always with your agreement:

· Receiving and listening

· Jungian psychology

· Discussing life issues

. Hypnotherapy

· Creative dream work

· Visualisation

· Cognitive behavioural therapy

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