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Contributions from Clients


'A desire to understand my pains and fears led me to seek Johns help. When I was confused with more questions than answers, John shared his wisdom, intellect and gifted foresight. He has helped me break destructive habits so that I could become a better person. And over time he re-aligned my path so I didn't stray too far. His holistic approach has pushed me too achieve an altered state of consciousness, one in which I feel better equipped to have a good life. If you are in search of help with an open mind and a ready heart, then I recommend you go and see John. '


'Thank you John for being one of the most understanding people I have ever met. After just a very short period of time you have helped me get my life back on track and become happier than I have been in years! You have helped me so much with problems I never thought I'd be able to solve.
 Thank you again for everything!

  'I was stuck in a place which felt like no escaping and which would go on forever.
Can't put into words how much John helped me and helped me understand things I didn't even know existed. 
An extremely clever man who always has an answer to all your problems. Whatever your situation, whatever your problem John always has an answer.
To put it all in the most simple sentence..
John simply gave me a better understanding of life and made me feel myself again, and that's all I ever wanted.
Thankyou John.'

 'John has given me someone to trust when I have felt so alone and sad and angry during a difficult few years. I first met John when I was on Jobseekers, living in a studio flat with a noisy and aggressive neighbour downstairs and I had no friends, and my mum had kicked me out so we had a bad relationship. I had negative views of people and I believed that the world was against me and that it was unfair and this was how my life would be. I was 23 when I first met John.
John is one of the most generous people I have ever met, I had no money and he still agreed to help me. Having someone like John, who is warm and kind and very understanding about life say "I know where you are coming from and what stage you are at." Made me feel less alone, and he has given me so many insights into the world and my beliefs and he has helped me with difficult decisions and scary experiences I have had along the way.
He has lent me books to help me understand myself and other more and he has always been open, even when I have been stubborn, unhelpful and not wanted to let anyone in.
When I am unaware of how I am acting, or scanning my environment for threats, or my feelings are really extreme, it makes so much positive impact having someone like John you can trust to talk to, who is there for you when no one else you feel comfortable with is.
I feel very lucky to have come through my experience of life and to have had someone life John to help me pick up the pieces so I can be more grounded in the future and deal with situations better and aim at having a more positive life. 
I was bullied throughout school and outside school, my mum was struggling to cope as well, I had no dad and we lived in a small mobile home so arguments were extreme. It led to me being homeless, and also to smoking weed every day. I would trust the wrong people and feel scared and threatened by the smallest things. Life was hard with my beliefs about people and my experiences of the world. But with John's help it has been easier to come through it and to see things from a new perspective. He has helped me to heal and for that I owe him a lot.
Some parts and events in my life I never talk about, but with John it feels natural over time to be honest and open, and the response is always one of understanding and caring. I have had a lot of bad experiences with men in general as a gay man, and so trusting men doesn't come easy. But I feel different when I see John, there are no labels (even when I ask for them) and no anger, he is just calm, open and friendly. It makes so much difference to my life knowing that John said I can come back if my life becomes too much to handle, which hopefully now after having John's help and the tools he generously taught me it won't happen as much.

I can't thank John enough. I feel lucky to have met him and to still have his caring and wise perspective and support if it gets too much. 
I hope this testimony helps to bring other people who feel alone and are hurting to someone like John, as his help has transformed my life. It took a lot of time, but he has been there for me, and that is something I haven't experienced before. 
I will always remember how John has helped me to cope and to understand without any negative criticism or judgement. Just being there, and listening and asking questions is a friendly and caring way. 
Thank you so much John, for everything you have taught me, and for listening to me, and for giving me your support and your perspective and advice. It is invaluable, and your generosity will stay with me, because it has helped in changing my beliefs about the world. 


'I visited john after a diagnosis with metastatic cancer,he was one of the most powerful health professionals involved in the outcome of  my treatment . He taught  me coping strategies,plus  how to deal with the emotional side of receiving such a life limiting diagnosis ,  john gave me the confidence to move forward with a smile on my face,i shall have no hesitation to recommend him to other patients with similar conditions. .'


'I don't know how to thank John enough for all the help he has given me. After hiding bulimia from my friends and family for years I finally got to a stage where I realised I needed to speak to someone and John came to my rescue! 
It took a lot of courage to admit I needed help and the thought of speaking to a stranger was a scary one, but John has turned my life around! He put me at ease straight away and after each session I came away feeling one step closer to being back on track with my life.
I am very proud of how far I have come over the past few months and I am now in a much happier place. John is kind, approachable and honest. I would recommend him to anyone!

Thank you so much John :-) 


'When I first saw John I was in an unimaginable state. My husband had just
left me after 28 years of marriage and I had suffered extreme abuse at his
hands. I had hit rock bottom and was just as low as anyone can get. I was so
desperate that I sent John an e mail on Boxing Day and he was kind enough to see
me on New Year’s Day after I e mailed him a second time saying how desperate I
was. I can’t imagine any other therapists who could match John’s generosity or
At first I was unsure about choosing a male therapist but I was re-assured by
the testimonial page on his website. As it turned out I found that I could tell
him things I have never been able to tell anyone else and felt completely safe
and at ease. He is completely un-shockable and his calm demeanor makes
divulging difficult experiences much easier than you would think possible.
The first time I met John I was so low that I could not imagine that I would
ever recover, within four sessions I was back on the road to recovery and we
agreed after 12 sessions that I need not come back and see him again unless I
felt the need to at any time. Although I have not been back, knowing that I can
always talk through a problem with John and see him at any time is a great
comfort and gives me re-assurance.
John gives simple practical advice which, if followed through, leads you quickly
on the road to recovery. He has great insight and can get to the root of a
problem and nail it down quickly without the need for endless soul searching. I
had to face some uncomfortable truths along the way but facing the truth was of
great benefit to me. All the way through John works to re build your confidence
and your belief in yourself.
John takes a genuine interest in all aspects of your life. Not only did he help
me, he also gave valuable advice concerning my children and really helped with
my youngest daughter who was suffering at the time as well, as well as giving
advice regarding my business.
I would have no qualms in recommending John, he got me through the most
difficult period I have ever faced in my life, and trauma that I did not
actually believe I could recover from. I will always be grateful to him for his
kindness and care. Thanks John!


“I approached counselling sessions with a certain amount of trepidation and scepticism. I soon put this aside as John helped me realise that the anxiety I was suffering was a result of certain past experiences. His matter of fact manner and thorough but gentle approach made me realise that although there is no instant fix, there are adjustments I should make to cope with previous problems in a more manageable manner.
I am glad that I set aside my natural scepticism and found that the sessions have bought a benefit to the way I can live my life. “


'John was recommended to me through a friend and he has been insrumental in getting me back on the right path in my life. I have never been through the
process of counselling before and he made it something to look forward to rather
than something to be feared. Through careful questioning and suggestions he made
things click into place - small adjustments in thoughts and a deeper self
understanding have given me the confidence to enjoy life again. I will still see
John going forward every time I need a helping hand get back on track - I now
know the signs to look out for.'


'When I first started seeing John I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and feeling of low self esteem. There was also depression because I was unable to do things I enjoyed and normal day-to-day activities, like getting the train to work, were difficult from fear of having a panic attack. I also had physical symptoms in the form of abdominal pains that complicated things even worse. I saw myself as a wounded animal, disabled and a disadvantaged person in a world full of “normal” people. I thought this is how it was going to be from now on till the day I’d die. However, I was aware of what was happening to me, both mentally and physically, because I had suffered from these symptoms for many years. During this time, I had seen other therapists who had helped to some degree but before seeing John I thought that this was my ‘lot’, I was destined to be this way. I was desperate, I just want to have some relief, I had to seek help again from someone and luckily,this time, that person happened to be John.

Within the first couple of sessions, it quickly became aware to me that John’s approach to therapy was completely different to what I had before, and inside I became quietly optimistic. That optimism grew quickly through John’s help of looking at every nuance of my whole problem from all possible angles, understanding and working things through, all of a sudden, my abdominal pains that I had for over five years, stopped. It didn’t end there, I was able to increase my hours at work, whereas before I felt wounded, I now felt strong and before where I felt disadvantaged I felt empowered. I didn’t just feel success I realized I was a success. The whole wellbeing feeling just seemed to grow and grow because that’s what John does, he studies your whole psyche and just by talking, analyzing and by working on issues together, the key starts to fit the lock. John sees the problem, breaks it down, then corrects it, unlocks the door of your problems and then dissects them one
by one. He gets you where you need to go but what’s really nice is that it’s your own sub consciousness that’s doing the work inside. You feel that it’s your own hard work that is paying off too.

Now that I am on the other side of the depression and anxiety, in a place where I’ve could have never of dreamed of being five months ago, I’m starting to ask myself how far am I willing to take this new found me? The answer to this question is really so exciting me now. It could be my own business or a trip round the work but I feel the real answer isn’t tangible, it’s out there waiting to be discovered and the journey is going to be as much fun as the destination, the sky isn’t just the limit, it is the cosmos and beyond. Thank you so much John, I feel I have come so far and had to work hard, but one thing’s for sure I couldn’t of got here without your help.


'I came across John while searching for counsellors on-line and I am so glad I did. I was going through the worst time of my life so far and I really didn't know what to do. I felt completely hopeless and couldn't see beyond what was going on in my life at the time - I never thought I would be happy again.

John gave me confidence to live again and see the reality in things - that was the biggest help and the most prominent. He gave me the ability to be able to see what was real and how to handle the things that were making my life difficult. He helped me to understand that I had choices and I had the strength to be true to myself.

Although I am aware that I am still going to have troubles in my life and the past will always be there - he has taught me to accept this and helped me to be better equipped to deal with the future. It is also a comfort to know that if there is ever a time that I need to talk to him, he will always be there. He is a kind, wise and comforting element in an otherwise chaotic and scary world.

I will be forever grateful for his help at that time. My life has changed dramatically since I went for my first session and I defiantly couldn't have done it without his support. I had always wanted to have counselling but I never had the courage to really go through with it - so anyone who isn't sure if it's the right thing to do....think again, because it will probably be the best thing you will ever do.

Thank you John!


I started seeing John about a year ago. Various things had happened in my family life, leaving me feeling extremely confused and lost and constantly doubting reality. I would regularly have panic attacks and the thought of going out and doing things that I had previously enjoyed absolutely terrified me. I found myself consumed with self-doubt and anxiety and would constantly look to others to seek validation. To begin with I had to see John twice a week, just to ensure that I was able to get through a week, I had never felt so awful in my life. John was fantastic, he was so patient with me and enabled me to find the root cause of my problems, giving me the strength to do something about them. I began to look back at my past and clearly see changes that needed to me made to ensure I had a brighter future. There were occasions when I have to admit I wasn’t sure if I would be able to be helped, it was a very difficult process but looking back I am so glad I persevered. As John says ‘everything is solvable’ and I am so happy to say I am now fully enjoying my life and the dark cloud has been lifted. I remember last year, reading the testimonials on this page and getting hope from others that life can change for the better, I am so pleased to be writing mine now. John will never know how grateful I am for everything he has done for me and I would recommend him to anyone.


'A big big thank you to dear John for all his help and support.
After suffering panic attacks every time I took (and failed) my driving instructors exam (age 56!), I was fast seeing all my hard work, hopes and dreams go down the drain.   Then John came to my rescue!
His wonderful counselling, combined with his patient, sympathetic and caring nature, ensured that I finally passed my exam on my next attempt. Thanks John for all your support. x'


'I saw John for a couple of sessions, as I had exam nerves. Every time I sat down to study, my brain froze! I realised that I couldn't attend an interview or pass an exam in that state and decided to seek help and advice. It was extremely helpful to discuss my issues freely and receive structured advice. I was definitely less stressed, felt much more calm and passed of course.'


'On this day 3 years ago I first met John.I had been suffering with depression for many years, had taken various drugs for this from time to time, and had finally had enough and had attempted to take my own life.Thankfully a friend was at hand who insisted that I pick up the phone to John there and then. Looking back I find it hard to believe that I was that person. With Johns outstanding guidance, true care and endless support ( I am sure sometimes he must have thought he was banging his head against a brick wall ) I now realise that I can truly believe in myself and be a positive person, I no longer have the weight of the dark clouds but equally (and thankfully) no longer search for the damaging highs that I believed were my reality. Now 'I just am' and it feels great. Thankyou John xx


 'When the stress of life got that little bit too much, i turned to John for help and advise. After a mere few weeks, he gave me the ability to learn how to be the person i had lost along the way, and helped me to regain the passion i had for life... Whatever the problem, John will have an answer... '


'I first went to see John about 3 years ago when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I had, for a very long time, been accepting a life of unhappiness and depression and had no means of sorting it out - I had all the wrong tools in my toolbox from the past, and it had all manifested itself in terrible anxieties - something I had suffered from all my life and I didn't understand why. It was very difficult to face.

I went to see John as a kind of last resort hoping he might take the pain away. What happened was more unexpected and more profound. Through simple analysis, discussion and support, we worked out simple methods to understand and gradually confront the anxieties in my life. Inevitably it was only myself who could go on that journey. But through our discussions I gained the right tools to deal with everything and John supported me steadfastly throughout as I made my decisions. It was what I always wanted but I had lost all my confidence in myself. I now took on the responsibility to deal with my anxieties head on. I started to change the world around me and the world started to become a much happier and more fulfilling place for me.

With John's support I have faced my challenges head on - even when I felt like the world would cave in - it never did. Though I rarely need to see John now I have learned a better approach to things, and I am much, much happier because of it. I think many of my friends notice it too.

It was always just round the corner and I could never quite get to it, I couldn't work it out, until I took the plunge and went to see John. It took a lot of courage but I have found it the most rewarding thing I could do, for now and for my future. I am able to look towards enjoying life and being more productive in the way I always wanted.

Throughout the process John has been a great friend and I will always be grateful for his unbiased and methodical support.'


'I have had the fortunate experience of having John as my guide over the last four years. I have learnt so much about who I am and the reasons for my behaviour. This has allowed me to understand the world better and find it a safe and happy place where once it was so fraught with danger. I am no longer depressed and frightened but feel strong and abundant. I have been able to earn money doing a job I love and find wholesome relationships. Without a doubt working with John has been the best thing i ever did in my life . His method of therapy will equip anyone with the tools to be able to transform their lives.'

'John has been, and still is, a rock in my life. He is kind and wise and has
been truly inspirational. I think I lost my way a few years ago and John has
guided me back onto the right path. I have rediscovered the things that I used
to enjoy and have become a much happier and more positive person. I still see
John occasionally when things are getting on top of me and he is always able to
set me off in the right direction again. He has been wonderful with my children
and has helped to resolve a few problems for them too. He really is a remarkable
man and should be cloned so that everyone can get 'The John Experience'!'

'I approached John because I was having panic attacks about social events,
and was finding myself increasingly unable to go out. I worried I would
eventually become completely agoraphobic but had resisted having therapy for
some time because I didn't want to get caught up in an endless process nor spend
hours crawling over every detail  of my past. I was pleasantly surprised! John was
insightful, sensitive, challenging and pragmatic. I didn't feel like a patient
or a hopeless case. Within a few weeks, he helped me to get a much better
understanding of myself, and to be much more aware of why i was retreating from
life, as well as giving me the tools to change it. I have regained my
confidence and am starting to live again and to recover my sense of self. It
has been an incredibly valuable and life-changing process. I am so glad I bit
the bullet and approached John before digging myself into an even bigger hole. '

'John helped me through a period during my 30s when I was coming to terms with
alot of anger in my past and feeling comfortable and confident about who I am.
Learning to love myself was a long struggle but John gave me the strength to do
this. He also helped give me the strength to succeed in a loving relationship. I
am now engaged and have started my own business. I am the happiest I have ever
been in my life.'


'When I first went to see John I was feeling extremely low and finding it difficult to live with myself. I was in a cycle of destructive behaviour and asked John to help me to be able to live within my own skin. For 6 months I saw John regularly. During that time I started to feel like I wasn't such a terrible person and to understand why I do things the way I do. This, in turn, helped me to break the patterns of behaviour and regain some
self-control. I also started a new job and John talked me through some of the hurdles that involved. John helped me to see the world in a more balanced way so that I didn't take everything so personally and felt stronger to deal with the 'stuff' that is thrown at all of us in life. It has now been a year since I stopped seeing John regularly. Most of the time I feel strong, but sometimes, when I have a problem, I can tackle it because I instinctively know what John's advice would be. Twice during the year, things have mounted up and, because I can recognise the signs of stress very quickly now, I have immediately made an appointment with John. I instantly feel more relaxed knowing I am taking steps towards feeling well and calm again. Knowing John is there if I need him is a great comfort as he is an extremely wise, non-judgemental, gentle man who genuinely wants to help. I thank John for rescuing me from myself.'

'I was a first time mum at 43, no sense of direction, no self esteem, and just come off 6 years of anti-depressants. Within 12 months of work with John, I began my counselling diploma, now completing my MA in Psychotherapy and have just begun to practice privately as a Psychotherapist. John has been my inspiration and guide..... he is a truly spiritual being of compassion and light. There cannot be many who would not experience a profound shift in consciousness having worked with him.'

'I was a lost girl in the dark and now I am a women in the light. Words cannot express how grateful I am to John. My life has been transformed by his care and consideration. With his therapy I have been able to free myself from the past and the depression I experienced. I now am able to live with joy in my heart and fulfill my dreams. I would highly recommend him to anyone.'

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